Matches shall be played according to the latest edition of the “Laws of the Game and Universal Guide
for Referees” published by FIFA.

Tournament Headquarters will be located at the Holt 9th Grade Campus, 5870 W. Holt Rd., Holt, MI
48842. The tournament director is Scott Dane; P: 517.580.4241

Registration Of Team/Participant Guidelines
A team is considered by roster sizes as deemed by MSYSA and US Soccer guidelines:

  • U9 – 14 players
  • U10 – 14 players
  • U11 – 16 players
  • U12 – 16 players
  • U13 – 22 players (though only 18 may appear in any one game)
  • U14 – 22 players (though only 18 may appear in any one game)
  • U16 – 22 players (though only 18 may appear in any one game)
  • U19 – 22 players (though only 18 may appear in any one game)

The team must have the current season roster at time of registration, signed by their league registrar.
Teams can have up to 3 guest players. Other items required at registration prior to the start of the
tournament are: Laminated player pass-cards, Risk Management cards for all coaching/training staff (3
maximum per team), notarized medical release forms for all players, MSYSA or USASA approved guest
player forms if applicable, and approved permission to travel form if applicable

Definition of a “Club” for purposes of club passcarding in MRL, State Cup, Junior State Cup, and the Director’s Academy

  1. A “Club” is defined as an organization providing soccer to youth players that is either a direct member of MSYSA or that registers players MSYSA through an affiliated member.
  2. At no time shall an affiliated member who functions as a “scheduling” league also be considered a club.
  3. In the case where a club sets up one or more satellite clubs in the state, those satellite clubs may only be considered part of the main club for the purposes of club passcarding in the National Championship Series, Midwest Regional League, Junior State Cup, and Director’s Academy if the teams and players from the satellite club are registered in the same GotSoccer account as the main club.
  4. The only exception to 3 above is if all of the following criteria is met:
    1. The main club and satellite club have the same Board of Directors
    2. The main club and satellite club have the same Tax ID Number
    3. The main club and satellite club are in the same MSYSA District as determined by the MSYSA Board of Directorså

Participants Conduct
A Player or Coach who has been ejected from a game for persistent infringement of the laws after
receiving a caution will be ineligible to participate in the next scheduled game for his or her team. A
Player or Coach who has been ejected from a game for serious foul play, violent conduct, or foul or
abusive language shall not be allowed to participate in the remainder of the Tournament. Any
Player/Coach/Assistant Coach/ Manager who is ejected during the Tournament that does not sit out
the required number of game(s) during the Tournament, must sit out the required number of game(s)
starting with his/her next League Game. Any Coach who is ejected shall leave the immediate vicinity of
the playing area and is prohibited from any further contact, direct or indirect, with the team during the
remainder of the game and any other games that his/her team plays in accordance with the rules as
listed above. All Cautions and Ejections will be reported to Michigan State Youth Soccer Association and
the affiliated home sponsoring organization .
If a Player or Coach is ejected during the Tournament, the Player’s/Coach’s Pass Card will be held at the
Tournament Headquarters until the required number of games are played. Pass Cards will be returned
after the Player/Coach has sat out the required number of games. The person retrieving the Pass Card
must present Tournament officials with identification to receive the Pass Card. In the event the ejection
is issued in the team’s last Tournament game, the Pass Card will be retained by the Coach to be handled
in accordance with their sponsoring league’s procedures.

Length of Games
Games will be of the following duration:

  • Under 9 (2) 25 Minute Halves, Size 4 Ball
  • Under 10 (2) 25 Minute Halves, Size 4 Ball
  • Under 11 (2) 30 Minute Halves, Size 4 Ball
  • Under 12 (2) 30 Minute Halves, Size 4 Ball
  • Under 13 (2) 30 Minute Halves, Size 5 Ball
  • Under 14 (2) 30 Minute Halves, Size 5 Ball
  • Under 16 (2) 35 Minute Halves, Size 5 Ball
  • Under 19 (2) 35 Minute Halves, Size 5 Ball

NO playoff games will be played in the U9 or U10 divisions.

All Semi-Final and Final matches shall be played in two (2) halves that are five (5) minutes longer than
round-robin matches.

Game Ball and Uniforms
Game balls shall be provided by the Home team as listed on the schedule. If the ball provided is
unsuitable to the Referee, then he/she shall choose a ball from those available. In case of jersey color
conflict, the Home team (listed first in the schedule) shall be required to change jerseys.

Time Allowance & Forfeits
All teams shall report to the assigned field at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled game time. A team
shall be allowed a ten minute grace period after the scheduled kickoff before the game is awarded to
their opponent. (A forfeit is considered a 1-0 win for the non-forfeiting team). For U11 through U19
divisions a minimum of seven (7) players constitutes a team. For the U10 division a minimum of six (5)
players constitutes a team. If the minimum number of players are present, the game may not be
delayed. In no case shall a team that has forfeited a game be declared a group winner or a wild card

Suspension of Games
Decisions to suspend games in progress or to suspend the start of games due to inclement weather will
be made by the Tournament Committee. If a suspended game cannot be continued, a decision as to the
outcome of that game shall be made by the Tournament Committee. In the event that inclement
weather prevents continuance or shortening of the Capital Area Classic absolutely NO REFUNDS will be
given. If the tournament is canceled because of inclement weather or unplayable fields, NO REFUNDS
will be given to the affected teams.

Casts/Splints/ Braces/Jewelry
In accordance with Capital Area Soccer League rules, no player may compete wearing a plaster or
fiberglass cast or splint. All braces shall be padded and no exposed plastic or metal parts are permitted.
All bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry is prohibited while players are participating in a match.
Shinguards are required for all players – no exceptions.

Pass Cards/League Rosters/Risk Management Cards

LAMINATED USYSA/FIFA or US Club Soccer or accepted regional Player Pass Cards or USASA pass
cards must be presented at Registration. Your LAMINATED Player Pass Cards will be needed at check-in
prior to the first game. Notarized medical release forms are required at registration and must be in
coach’s possession during all games. A maximum of 14 players, including 3 guest players will be
allowed for the U9 and U10 age group. A maximum of 16 players, including 3 guest players will be
allowed for U11 and U12 age groups. A maximum of 22 players including 3 guest players will be
allowed for U13, U14, U16 and U19 age groups (however only 18 may appear in any one game). A
maximum of 22 players including 5 guest players will be allowed for adult divisions (however only 18
may appear in any one game). All teams must turn in a 2013/2014 Official League Roster at check in.
Teams must present an approved MSYSA Guest Roster for each guest player (obtained online at No roster changes are allowed after Registration. Coaches, Assistant
Coaches and Team Managers must be in possession of a Risk Management Identification Card to be
allowed in the team technical area. This card must be presented at team check in. Non-MSYSA teams
must bring their organization’s equivalent to the MSYSA risk management card (proof of a background

Coaches and Team
Teams and Coaches must remain on one side of the field and spectators on the opposite side. A
maximum of three (3) Coaches or Team Officials per team are allowed on the sidelines. Coaches must
remain between the center line and 18 yard mark of the penalty box. REMINDER: Each Coach or Team
Official must be in possession of a Risk Management Card to be on the team side of the field.

All players and coaches will be issued a tournament-specific wristband that must be worn for the
duration of the tournament. Referees will use check teams in using the wristbands as credentials.

Passcards with pictures must be available at all times. Jersey numbers must match the roster that is
submitted prior to the start of the tournament.
Teams must check-in 1 hour before their first match at the site of their first game.

Standings and Points
Division standings, leading to the championship round of play, shall be determined according to the
Scoring – Points will be awarded in the following manner

  • 3 points for a win
  • 1 points for a tie
  • 0 point for a loss
  • -1 points for a forfeit

Ties will be allowed except for all playoff games. If two teams are tied at the end of a playoff game, two
(2)-five (5) minute overtime periods will be played in full. If the game is still tied, penalty kicks will be
taken in accordance with FIFA rules to decide the game. WILDCARD teams needed for divisions of 3 or
5 groups will be determined by total points by using rankings within the division. Tie breakers will be
determined by the standings and points criteria listed below. Wildcard teams will not play against a
team from their own bracket; they will play a team from the next alphabetical group within the

In case of ties in point standings, the following (in order) will be used to determine the division winner:
1. Winner of head to head competition
2. Team with most wins
3. Highest goal difference (goals for minus goals against, maximum of four (4) goals per game)
4. Least number of goals scored against (actual count)
5. Bonus point -1 point for each shutout
6. Penalty point – deduct two (2) points for each red card
7. Penalty kicks will be taken in accordance with FIFA rules.
In the event of a 3-way tie, the tie breakers will be used in order as they listed above until a team is
eliminated. After a team is eliminated the 2-way tie will be broken using the above list starting at #1.

Reporting Scores
Both coaches must sign the official scorecard following the completion of the match. A field marshal
will be responsible for returning scorecards to Headquarters.

1) a player may be substituted on at a stoppage of play with the permission of the referee; otherwise
substitutions may be made at any stoppage only with the permission of the referee, and
2) if the age group is 15 & under, free substitution is allowed. For age groups 16 years and older, free
substitution is allowed providing the tournament is not an official competition (but a friendly club
tournament) and the age category does not include matches between national teams of CONCACAF
member countries.

No protests or appeals will be allowed, except in the case of an invalid player. The ruling of the Referee
is final. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the
Tournament and its decision is final.

No refunds will be issued for teams if the tournament is canceled for any reason.